Stump Removal and Grinding

tree stump grinding and removal worcester

Have you just have a tree removed in your property? Never neglect the tree stump that’s left sitting in your garden. It can be a trip hazard and can also harbour pests, including;  

Aside from our tree removal service, we also offer tree stump grinding and removal worcester. This way, you wouldn’t have to manually dig and pull the stump from the roots up.

We can remove a lot of stumps in a single visit. We are glad to do this after we have removed/felled a tree or even as an independent help for trees that have just been brought down by another person.

Stumps are hazardous!

Tree stumps are a pain to remove due to their deep-seated roots. If you leave them in your garden or drive they can block any future constructions and cause accidents.

Aside from that, old tree stumps are a breeding ground for insects and pests. They can also be hiding place for molds, termites, roaches, and other pests that can live beneath the soil.

Tree stumps can grow continuously. This will require you to pay for repetitive tree cutting services. It’s best to hire our tree stump grinders for our stump grinder services!

Free up more space with stump removal

What does your ideal garden look like? Maybe it has flower beds bursting with blossoms? Fresh green grass? A patio with a BBQ, a swimming pool, a tree stump?? Ok, maybe not the stump!

If a remaining stump tree is taking up space in your garden or driveway, grinding it down is the answer. Our powerful grinders pulverise wood in minutes with the whole process being done in less than an hour and is a straightforward and simple task for any of our technicians.

Once we are finished, you are left with a soft, level ground. What can you do with this new found space? Here are a couple of options.

Stump grinding leaves ideal spots for potting plants and shrubs

Our grinders delve deep into the ground, breaking up both the stump and the roots. If you are looking for a bigger garden then you have a head start. You won’t need to dig through all the growth to find a perfect spot for planting.

For making the most of the soil, firstly remove some of the wood chipings and mix in the compost. Now simply plant the seeds or transplants. Your new spot will be easy to work and is ideal for either grass, flowers or even vegetables.

Our grinders turn stumps into wood chips. These can act naturally as a mulch for flower gardens. Left over wood chips from the stump make an excellent mulch. Mulching can help to hold in moisture and also aids in new seedlings. It is also possible to add them to your compost pile.

Fresh wood chips lack the correct nutrients or PH balance needed to support plants, but they will eventually enrich the soil, making it important to always have plenty of topsoil to help new plants get off to a good start.

PRO TIP; leave the area remain fallow for up to a year. By this time the wood will have decomposed and will have less chance of robbing the soil of any nitrogen.

Build a new patio or decking area

It can be difficult to build in and around tree stumps. Once the  old trunk are gone, the options for landscaping are vast. You could add fencing or a wooden gazebo. Perhaps a small pond or water feature.

Summers in Worcester, Cheltenham and Hereford are short but beautiful. Now’s the time to start building a deck or patio!

Let Tree Surgeon Worcester remove the stump for you

Our tree removal and stump grinding service are available in Worcester and surrounding areas. We have the right equipment and skills to pull the stump fully from the roots up.

Instead of performing DIY stump removal, you can hire us for an environmentally-friendly and safe way of dealing with stumps. Our technicians and arborists will take into account the surrounding houses and construction that might be affected by the removal.

Interested in our tree stump removal? Call us todayand get a free quote!